Some key design elements we’ve seen this summer include cat eye frames, rounded and rectangular shapes. While materials they’re made of run from plastic to metal to acetate. And 90’s have made one hellova comeback!

#1. Extreme Cat Eye Frames
Some designers created cat eye frames that were a little more angled and sharp, in order to stand out in the crowd. Those with smaller lenses look much sharper and attention grabbing such as these beauties by Vogue Eyewear.


#3. Long and Skinny Sunglasses
The small, long and skinny is a trend heavily supported by Influencer’s like Bella & Gigi Hadid.

#4. Small Round Frames
The Beatles are forever, and so are the tiny, round sunglasses popularised by their frontman, John Lennon. We are loving these tiny round Vogue‘s designed by Fashion Icon Gigi Hadid!


#5. Return of the Square Frames
Even though this was not a primary trend, it is undeniable that the square frames of 90’s will appear somewhere in our accessory collection. Feast your eye’s on the pair below from Miu Miu.

mid mid 90s eyewear

#6. Oversized Opticals
If you want to opt for a more unisex look, you’ll be happy to know that aviators are still in style, and Ray-Ban have an optical version available. Opt for oversized opticals for maximum coolness.

ray-ban aviator optical

#7. Printed Frames
If you want to stand out and be memorable wherever you go, then the printed acetate frames some of the most creative designers put together for the spring/ summer 2018 sunglasses trends should be your first choice. Our fave’s are these floral print Georgio Armani D’Artiste.

#8. Sci-Fi Frames
If you’re feeling futuristic (or retro-futuristic, for that matter), you can opt for some of the more sci-fi inspired shades like these Giorgio Armani‘s. These unique eyewear designs will make you look like a space-age fashion icon.

#9. Sporty Glasses
If you rock a more casual style, you’ll be happy to know that the spring/ summer 2018 eyewear trends have lots of options for you for more sporty sunglasses that will fit well, won’t break easily, and can even work for extreme summer adventures. We love these Extreme Oakley‘s!


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