Jägermeister SA in association with Hilltop Live presents, Every Time I Die (US)  on South African soil for the first time ever, for two nights only.  If you are of the daring type, come have your face rocked at !Arcade Empire in Pretoria on Friday 26 April and at The Assembly in Cape Town on Saturday 27 April. Every year Jägermeister South Africa puts money behind the microphone and teams up with only the best players in the South African music scene to bring you a truly unforgettable experience, and this is your chance to experience it.

Every Time I Die have never been an easy act to categorize and that’s one of the key reasons why the band’s fans have never turned their back on this innovative act’s unique brand of music. While the band started out in the late ’90s hardcore scene, over the past decade they’ve continued to evolve and push the boundaries of heavy music, a process that’s culminating with their sixth full-length Ex Lives. You will get to experience their journey through the ages all the way to where they are now on this adjective intensive tour.

In an Interview with Kill Your Stereo on 29 November 2012 the following question came up:

What’s something still on the Every Time I Die bucket list? Something you still want to achieve as a band?

Hmmm, let me think, let me think. It’s funny; it’s usually like watching grass grow you just never notice the changes. It used to be I just wanted to make a music video, then it was like I just want to tour on a bus and now it feels like we’ve done so much, it’s just like places to visit to be honest. Awards really don’t matter. I would love to go to South Africa and I actually just got an email that we might be going there (laughs).
Source: www.killyourstereo.com/interviews/541/every-time-i-die/

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