Playtopia was exactly as the name suggests: a utopia for those who love to play. Hosted at the Castle of Good Hope – a fittingly mystical and mysterious venue – we found a smorgasbord of games created by geniuses from across the globe. An overwhelmingly jovial ambience inspired us to leave any and all adult woes at the door to join the buzz of grinning gamers already enraptured by the dazzling display of animations, glinting lights, alluring artworks, and playful decorations.

From old-school arcade-style games like the side-splitting ‘Hype Snake’ and a flatscreen-stick-and-button game that saw us washing cars with penises, to VR experiences that reveal the trajectory of gaming globally, there was something of everything to impress even the most seasoned of players.
Think a bioluminescent graffiti station, a Build-A-Burger game for two that frustrates as much as it delights, a calm room complete with soothing structures, sounds, and scents, facial-recognition technology that allows you to see yourself in old-age, and digital artworks that change colours fantastically at the flick of a switch or the tap of a button. There was even a glitter station… I mean, need we say more?

Outside, a fully-stocked bar and food court doused in sunshine made for the ideal refill and relax station while a large stage set the scene for musical entertainment and more. Overall, the event was thoughtfully executed, moreish, and genuinely made us feel like the children we are beneath the qualms and quests of adulthood. We will definitely be back next year. Thank you, Playtopia!

Words and Images by Cheri Morris

Categories: Art Events