Vintage has become a lifestyle. It’s no longer a fad that only a few subscribe to. We all want to own something that no one else has; something with a sense of history attached to it. That is exactly how Barbara Lotter serendipitously stumbled upon her calling as a Vintage Clothing purveyor.

Lotter has an insatiable love for clothing and, of course, went to study fashion. But as so many recent graduates realise, she still didn’t know what to do. So after her studies, and with the encouragement of her family, Barbara went abroad. She spent a few months perusing the culture and clothes in Europe, Asia and Australia. During her travels she connected with a vintage supplier and felt she should bring this part of her adventure back home.

Her ever supportive parents helped her with a small start-up capital to import the clothes.

The rest, as they say, is history.

But not quite. Between then and now Barbara has been working around the clock to establish her label, Babette. In its short existence of only one year, Babette has featured in multiple fashion magazines, markets, and stores. Barbara has realised that with hard work and networking skills, the fashion world is her oyster. With her family behind her she has managed what is not always possible in the short span of 365 days. Her mother helps with administration, friends assist her at markets and her father does some heavy lifting when required. The life of an entrepreneur is never easy but with a strong will and an even stronger support system it’s all possible.

When asked the cliché question of whether she has any advice for designers and fashion lovers starting their own label, Barbara responds with a simple yet strong piece of advice:

“Just keep on doing what you believe in, if it feels right, it usually is. Be willing to stick to your brand and your ideas and take personal interest in your clients.”

-Laura Windgovel

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