This year SUZAAN HEYNS will exhibit at Design Indaba, a global event that commemorates all the creative sectors including graphic design,  music, fashion design, industrial design, architecture, and more.

SUZAAN HEYNS will participate in the commercial platform ‘Design Indaba Expo’ as an exhibitor where the brand shall be introduced to influential international buyers from all design sectors. Milisithando Bongela has nominated SUZAAN HEYNS as one of ten finalists for the Design Indaba Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2012 (MBOISA) award, where thepublic votes by sms to determine the winner.

Design Indaba was launched in 1995 based firmly on the concept that creativity can fuel economic revolution and design can help address and resolve the challenges of an emerging economy. Since its inception, Design Indaba has flourished into a multitiered experience incorporating a design conference, commercial platform, events, publications, training, business development, and community initiatives.

The Design Indaba Expo’s 2012 Most Beautiful Object in South Africa (MBOISA) award considers what beauty comprises of.  “While some may consider beauty an aspect of taste and others know it on sight, beauty becomes far more profound than a visual sensation when design attributes such as social significance, economic impact, usability, sustainability and even humour are thrown into the mix”, explained Design Indaba.

Once Design Indaba has determined the ten finalists the public is asked to vote by means of SMS during the Expo from Friday 2nd March to Sunday 4th March 2012 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre to determine the winner of the award. This year SUZAAN HEYNS is one of the ten finalists for its fish scale dress from its Autumn Winter 2012 collection, together with Hapo Museum by the Office of Collaborative Architects; Bird Neckpiece by Eric Loubser; Consol Solar Jar by Ockert van Heerden and John Bexley; Frail Flower Paper Sculpture by Rebecca Jones; Curious Couch by Margaret Woermann and Peta Becker; RidgeForrester Hanging Planters by Joe Paine; A Travel Journal, Volume 1 and 2 by Morné Visagie; Lily Pad Ring by Kirsten Goss; and PASTE mural by Linsey Levendall. Suzaan Heyns exclaimed that, “To be nominated among such a diverse design spectrum shows that my dress is not just a piece of clothing but a piece ofart. Design Indaba is an awesome platform for exposure to local and international markets, as a label we hope to make the most of the opportunities that could follow with this prestigious nomination.”

The Design Indaba Expo or commercial platform was launched in 2004. Designers are able to introduce and commercialise their products and services to international and influential buyers. The Design Indaba Expo in South encourages the export South African designers’ products and services, furthering the economic development of this emerging economy.

SUZAAN HEYNS shall participate in the Design Indaba Expo 2012 with the event’s first fulldedicated Buyer’s Day on Thursday 1st March. Over 400 local and international buyers attended the Expo last year making it an important opportunity for designers grow economically both locally and potentially enter international markets.

The label, SUZAAN HEYNS, was launched in 2009 and has since quickly amassed a following amongst fashion conscious men and women. The label’s signature can best be described as having an architectural sentiment that has a feminine twist, with concepts derived from avante garde ideals and classic silhouettes.

SUZAAN HEYNS promotes a lifestyle vision that centres on a combination of artistry, uniqueness, and the bizarre. The allure of art is evident in each garment as she captures her fascination with life and transforms it into seasonally inspired collections.

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