I would have to use every single positive adjective in the dictionary in order to try and explain what {psy.ology} was like on Saturday night. And even then, I still feel like no amount of words could quite capture the true essence of the event. SERIOUSLY, if you weren’t there – WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?

As soon as you stepped into The Side Show you stepped into a psychoactive playground. The décor, the visuals and the music were simply mind-blowing. I wasted no time and went straight to the front of the dance floor where Zezia’s set gradually eased us into the night. His set was the perfect opening, steadily getting harder and harder until he ended off with a BANG which left us wanting more.

Headroom came, saw and conquered the dance floor with a monstrous set. He unleashed some serious bangers and sent the crowd into a complete frenzy. The vibe was electrifying. What an awesome stage presence! And if his beats weren’t enough to get you going, his infectious dance moves definitely were.

There was a mixture of confusion and (pleasant) surprise as Mad Piper began to set up in order to play a set. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the international acts were unable to play. However, let it be known that this DID NOT affect the night at all.

When Mad Piper took to the stage, it wasn’t hard to see why he is fast becoming one of the big names in SA psytrance. He sent shockwaves through the horde of stompers who just couldn’t get enough of his music. It was a set jam packed with huge tracks. There were some big ones from his legendary set at Jungala, as well as two new beastly tracks – Return To The Moon v2.0 and Robotics.

I’m sure whoever said ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ was referring to Zion Linguist. Wow. He was not shy with the bass and played some BIG beats. The music was so good it hurt. Mad Piper and Zion Linguist had big shoes to fill but these guys definitely brought their A game. Big ups to the PsynOpticz crew for organising the perfect replacements on such short notice.

At 2am Cybernetix and Rubix Qube took to the stage for the ultimate battle of the basslines. The lethal combination of Tim, Warren (Cybernetix) and Kieron (Rubix Qube) was almost too much – I got lost in the music. The highlight of the night for me was definitely when Cybernetix dropped their song ‘Hardcore’ I completely lost my marbles – I cannot tell you how much I love that song!

Switchcache vs Up-Psy-Down ended the night with an epic set – it was almost cruel to send us home afterwards. At this point of the evening I think everyone was going HARD. If we stomped any harder there would have been an earthquake. IT. GOT. REAL. You could just feel the love and energy radiating through the crowd, simply magical.

When the party ended the diehards took the party to the streets (and to the back of someone’s bakkie) – music blasting loudly and inhibitions to the wind. We stomped our hearts out one-last-time, until finally it was time to go home.

{psy.ology} was definitely one of the best indoors I’ve been to. It raised the bar and will be a tough act for any other indoor to follow. Everything from the line-up to the crowd was just amazing. The only complaint I have is that we had to leave so soon. Once again, the end of the night seemed to come way too quickly!

– Chantelle Joy Ova

Thanks to organizers, the DJs, Yo Bro (for the shots) and to the awesome crowd for a party I’ll never forget.

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