TracePlay a new online entertainment platform offering instant and unlimited access to the best in Afro-Urban entertainment. Get free access to 24 live Trace TV channels, 100 radio channels and 2000 On Demand videos of concerts, artist interviews, series and exclusive documentaries. Stuck at home?

We chat a bit more about TRACE and its offering with Prescillia Avenel-Delpha, SVP Direct-to-Consumer at TRACE below.

Yclad: Trace recently launched “Stay” – a campaign aimed at keeping over 350 million viewers in 162 countries indoors. Can you tell us a little more about this and how it came about?

Prescillia Avenel-Delpha: As an international media platform that speaks to millions of viewers each day, we have a responsibility to play our part in helping limit the spread of this virus. “Stay”, is our way of taking responsibility by providing entertainment that will help keep our viewers indoors and most importantly ensure that they are educated and informed, so that they can make the right day-to-day choices in the fight against Covid-19

YC: What kind of content can viewers expect and what’s trending right now on the platform?

PAD: Our viewers can expect access to a variety of different types of content. We offer Live Trace music channels such as Trace Mziki, Trace Jama, Trace Muzika, Trace Brazuka just to name a few. We offer radio stations with different genres such as Urban South Africa, Feel good, Gospel and many more. With Trace Play you can consume the content anytime, anywhere and on any devices. 

YC: What are some of your favourite series currently streaming on TracePlay?

PAD: Some of the series streaming are:

– Skip Skip

– Brothers with no Game: The series follows the social and romantic lives of four childhood friends, facing a quarter life crisis. The 20somethings come to terms with the responsibilities and dilemmas that revolve around work, family, friendship and most notably – women.

– A 12-episode series called  “I am Serge Ibaka” 

YC: Trace is offering a free 1-month subscription to TracePlay, what does this offer viewers and what is the cost thereafter?

 PAD: The 1-month subscription has ended but when you sign up you can still receive a 2-week trial run. Thereafter it will be a monthly cost of R39. With TracePlay you have access to the 105 radios stations that is part of the freemium access and is very light in data consumption.

YC: Any additional information that you may want to add?

PAD: TracePlay wants to become the N°1 Platform of reference for Afro-urban content — Our mission is to give a voice and a platform for upcoming artists to export their music worldwide, from SA to the US, UK, Europe etc. Huge increase in terms of subs during the COVID-19 — planning to work on more exclusive content to satisfy their needs.

There surely is no shortage of content to watch whilst on the lockdown with Trace Play.  Take advantage of the 1-month free subscription by using the promo code “FREE” when visiting to activate your subscription. Download the Trace App on iOS or Android and enjoy entertainment on the move.

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