Do you remember the Spice Girls, Clueless, Baywatch and Nirvana? These were some of the things that shaped and influenced a decade of fashion and it seems like they were all just around yesterday. Well, the naughty 90’s are back, bigger and better than ever!

90’s fashion refers to the ‘anti-fashion’ age or the grunge look, it was a time of un-styled hair, heavy make up or even no make-up. Dark lips, heavy jewellery, boots, big shoes, men’s t-shirts and shirts, hats, long maxi dresses, vintage jumpers, flannels, faded denim jackets. Floral prints, doc martins, acid washed jeans, body warmers, belly rings, mid-drift tops, socks with ruffles, and even floral printed skirts.

The generation gave us models like, Naomi Campbel, Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evanghelista and Karen Mulder. The best of a woman came out in fashion. An “I can’t be bothered attitude” that oozed sex appeal and gave distinctiveness and innovation to each woman’s style.

It was a time you could wear your own mood and be sexy or glam without even trying. I suppose we’ve just had it with the likes of Kardashians! And therefore we give a second thought to the 90’s anti-fashion attitude.

Celebrities everywhere have been rocking the look and, even stores are stacked with 90’s style items. Giving respect to a decade most of us can relate too. Top designers have mimicked the old school feel in their new collections. Designers like Versace, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, and even Karl Lagerfeld have used the 90’s as inspiration in their latest lines, and the positive feedback they have received has been proven that fashion lovers and alike everywhere are happy the styles are back.

We love this trend because it is easy to wear, you make the rules. However, if your memories on how to wear the 90’s trends are a bit fuzzy and unclear, here are some tips to capture the look:

1. LGD – The little Grunge Dress is an easy and essential piece to make the look work; many retailers have been bringing the style back, characterized by its baby doll-style. With Fitted top and flared shirts, many of us know this look as the Maxi dress with a shorten length ending either mid-carve or above the ankle. Try to go for something with a floral print or even a romper style (which is also making a big comeback.) or even something with a vintage feel. To complete the look pair your LGD with Doc Martens, frilled socks or even ripped tights and a bowlers hat for a truly retro look.

2. Faded Denim Pieces are everywhere you look. Go for items in light or acid washes, like a cropped vest with a romper underneath or high waisted shorts over black tights. Skinny jeans, or even the staple piece of this trend a denim jacket, known as the “jean-jacket” which is perfect over any and everything. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and try to pick shoes in a neutral colour to keep the look effortless.

3. The Plaid Shirt. What grunge look would ever be complete without the shirt style, made popular by Kurt Cobain himself? Look for one in a classic red tone with a slouchy or relaxed fit, then team it with almost anything you have. It works great over a t-shirt or dress, under a jacket, and even on its own with jeans or tights.

And there you have it; we trust you’ll be rocking the 90’s again in no time!

-Melissa Hall

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