MYMYMY is likely the most popular – and most probably the only – bilingual pop-synth duo in the entire South Africa; besides the fact that they appeal to a very niche segment in the underground music scene, they have been able to transport both their Afrikaans and English fans to stranger places with Conrad’s catchy compositions and Jana’s super sultry voice.

This month they are back and will be releasing their next music video and celebrating by gathering their friends, Rumswinger and The Robfather for an evening of marvelous music at the NOMAD bistro & bar in Cape Town on the next first Thursday in August.

‘Strange Place’ was the title chosen for their new release and the track features some punching synth vibes that will get your early 90’s pop alter ego on the dance floor time and again.


STRANGE PLACE music video behind the scenes – filmed/directed by Pieter Seyffert

MYMYMY is excited to announce the launch of their new single and video – STRANGE PLACE – on the 3rd of August at NOMAD BISTRO AND BAR featuring RUMSWINGER and THE ROBFATHER.

STRANGE PLACE is a call out to join that space where creativity blossoms – where being challenged is a door to future opportunities – where happiness is a choice – because we all need a release now and then – to sometimes save ourselves from ourselves. Joining us in our quest will be the ever crazed RUMSWINGER and alternative DJ par excellence – THE ROBFATHER – so this is sure to be a night where your groove will be on autopilot,” says Conrad

RUMSWINGER are far more than a poster-band for the electro-swing genre; they have redefined this musical space by infusing their own brand of crazy into the contagiously euphoric madness that characterises this effervescent mix of vintage swing, jazz, house and EDM.

THE ROBFATHER – The king of swing, the duke of dance, the ayatollah of rock ‘n rolla, the host with the most. Highly sexed never vexed and always next, a party guaranteed setting fire to any dancefloor with a mixed arsenal of rock and roll, some hip hop and 80’s with a dash of big beats and breaks.

R40 at the door or follow link to Quicket here:

The thing about electronic music is that it can be made to feel quite impersonal, but that’s certainly not the case with electronic power duo MYMYMY. Perhaps it’s their combination of clever lyrics and organic sounding vocals. It goes beyond selecting good samples, layering, mixing and all that when an electronic act is able to stir something in you.

MYMYMY is an electronic music concept that is sure to change preconceived ideas of the genre in both the English and Afrikaans market in South Africa. As this synth pop duo puts it, “Someone fiddles with knobs and keys. Someone’s lips parts seductively. Amazing sounds follow.”

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