K Naomi Noinyane is known for her work on tv, her style and her gorgeous face, and now wants you to see her ‘V-Side’. She’s Vogue Eyewear’s South African collaborator for the international #ShowYourVogue campaign, carrying the message that all our sides are to be celebrated.

But what is a ‘V-Side’? According to the brand, it’s the part of your personality you love the most. “I discovered my V-side when I realized how important it was to look after myself mentally and physically. I took it to myself to be responsible for the aspects of myself that I found most important, so I decided to go to gym and start boxing and paying attention to my body and what makes me feel happy”, says K Naomi.

K Naomi | Vogue EyewearK Naomi | Vogue Eyewear

Looks like a match made in heaven if you ask us. The collaboration is a nice addition to a global story that includes the Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear Special Collection, shaped by Gigi’s creative vision of the season’s hottest trends.

K Naomi wears the Outline sunglasses collection in the campaign, available in selected stores.


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