We caught up with Euro electronic act, The Drifter, ahead of his trip to South Africa this month! Catch him live at Wolfkop Weekender Flower Picnic. Our fav spring electronic Festival taking place near ceres over the weekend of 20-24 September (also stand to win tickets here).
You dabbled in a few genre’s before finding your love for electronic music, what about it do you love so much?
It was that sense of togetherness. In clubs and at raves growing up, there was this real sense of togetherness. Everyone in it together and all buzzing off the music. Compared to a gig or concert, the energy at an electronic gig was so vibrant and exciting. Around the time I remember thinking it was hard to go back to check out other concerts and gigs ha. They were just not as exciting for me. Also I was nerding over the electronic music!
How long did it take to produce your first EP, The Lover’s?
I’d say some of the tunes were around for a year or so, in some form. It was my first EP so I was learning a lot and improving slowly. I remember just chipping away at the tunes over time. Trying to make them sound ok and at least a bit professional lol. It can take a while. Still does!
What are some of the most epic festivals or gigs you’ve played and who did you pay alongside that you never dreamed you would?
This year I played Pitch festival in Australia which I thoroughly enjoyed. There was a super lineup, and I ended up staying for 4 days checking it out ha.
For my set, I had 4 hours to work with. So a good amount of time to go in different directions and moods.
We are really looking forward to your set at Wolfkop Weekender – will you be playing anything new?
Cool, I’m very much looking forward to it too! Yes lots of new stuff I’d say. We have some big plans coming up for our label Maeve so I’ll definitely play some upcoming stuff from the label. And some other new stuff too.
Any other gigs lined up in SA while you’re here?

Delighted to say I’m in South Africa for 10 days and I’ll also be playing Wonderland in Cape Town 28th September. I visited Cape Town as a teenager with my family, I’m excited to return and make my debut playing there.

Could you give us a cheeky link to one of your best sets (Boiler Room, Soundcloud etc.) to share with our readers?
Here’s a recording from Pitch festival that I mentioned earlier. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/thedriftersound/pitch-music-arts-festival-2019
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