Just Jinjer are one of the biggest rock band exports in South African history, having sold more that a quarter of a million albums to date. Their album ‘All Comes Round’ became one of the best-selling rock albums in South African history, with their second album ‘Something for Now’ reaching gold status in only three weeks from release. Both albums went on to achieve double platinum status. Their 2006 self titled release ‘Just Jinjer’ also went on to achieve gold status in 2008.

The band have been back in SA since 2010 and are currently in the process of recording their 9th studio album with the first single ‘Bright Light’ having been released to critical acclaim in the Spring of 2014, and which is currently enjoying high rotation play on radio, as well as recently taking the Number 1 spot on the Algoa FM Top 30 Chart.

Today we chat to Ard, the lead singer of Just Jinger, about their new album “Everything Since Then”.

YCLAD: We are looking forward to the release of the new album, so how long has “Everything Since Then” been in the making?

Ard: Thank you, it’s very exciting indeed. It took us about 2-3 months all in all from inception to completion. Remember we could only work on it in our spare time this time around.

YCLAD: I presume the title of the album sums up your lives since the last album release?

Ard: Yes, that and the fact that we’re so proud of this album that we thought we’d have the name be a continuation from our last really big album, ‘Something For Now”

YCLAD: In a summary, what have you all been up to between albums and outside of the music?

Ard: I have been busy with my solo stuff. It’s been a vital process for me to find my voice outside of Jinjer. The same applies to the rest of the guys. Denholm Harding started getting in to production in a big way. He most recently did Gangs of Ballet, Jesse Clegg and the last Prime Circle Album. he has really blossomed in that field and it has kept him very busy indeed. Brent Harris also released a solo album and

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