So, what you doing this Saturday?

Coming to the I AM Party?

I am going to the I AM Party which means I am helping. I am supporting. I am being creative, nurturing, loving. I am in love with life and the youth living it. I am helping someone else to learn. I am incredible. The I AM Party is an extension of the I am Challenge which, in Nicola’s case means that an underprivileged girl gets to go to school.

You should click I AM attending on the I AM Facebook event.
Help someone else get to where you are.

Nicola Soekoe has made the commitment to wear the same type of t-shirt every day for a year to help Nonstikelelo (Ntsiki for short) get a good education. She is fighting for something bigger than herself and you can help her celebrate that. You can also help Ntsiki buy a new uniform, get some new pens. You can help her get an

Nicola says, “I met Nonstikelelo earlier this year: She was beautiful and timid and excited about life. She had a dreamer’s eyes. I decided I had to do everything I could to get her to a good school, and that has become my mission.”

What can you do?

Come to Zula Sound Bar next Saturday night and watch Beach Party, Matthew Mole, Al Bairre, Maoriginal and Battle Beyond the Stars rip up the respective decks.

That’s all you have to do to help raise funds to put a very special girl through school. Forty bucks gets you in and all proceeds go to Nicola’s cause.

The deets:

Zula Sound Bar
Beach Party. Matthew Mole. Al Bairre. Maoriginal. Battle Beyond the Stars.
Saturday 28 July.

All proceeds go to Nonstikelelo’s education fund.

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