Since Remanufacture last year, I got ridiculously excited to return to the Ground Zero venue for some quarry time again and this time round we were so lucky to spend 3 days and 2 nights at this mesmerizing venue.

Not being too keen moving our sexy asses to an electro line-up on Friday night, brought to us by West Coast Production, to our surprise, we ended up enjoying the music for the most part and I would guess my fellow folk getting drunk helped out quite a bit. Darth & Vader, the international electro act, played quite a dangerous set filled with some lekker dubstep whoppers. Niskerone followed by entertaining the crowd with his trademark bouncing dreads and drum & bass beats, whilst some hard hitting beats from SFR vs Hyphen made sure we bounced up and down one last time before crawling into either cars or tents to rest it out for one of the sickest psy line-ups starting the next day at the Celestial Beings stage at noon.

Waking up to raindrops made me sigh unenthusiastically, thinking it would be yet another splashing wet weekend, yet it remains to be a serious factor for fun in the outdoors if you can wrap your head around it.

Depsypil opened up with a nice progressive set with minimal peeps on the dance floor by this time to stomp the day away, as I am sure lots were still arriving or awakening from the previous night’s slumber. Enjoying the blissful droplets, Satori continued the line-up with a set that picked up the energy and the crowed started to grow slowly but surely.

With the sun shyly teasing us every now and then, the weather gradually started to get our hopes up, but a full sunshine day was definitely not in the cards for us.

We went back up with a fun-filled, bumpy as fuck tractor ride to grab a bite and the sorts and found ourselves at a dance floor that has been deserted for the most part, but had the sickest beats pumping by the hands of none other than El Gordo. In the past I have seen this master soothing my soul with his deep hard beats and it made me glad it worked all out that I didn’t miss at least most of his set.

When the sun eventually said his goodbyes, we welcomed the night for the full on masters who came out to play and that of course put me, and I am sure a lot of my other companion troopers in instant heaven.

Rubix Qube ensured for a pleasant set with some new tracks thrown into the mix making sure our engines are geared up for what is to come. Consequentially Tune Raider made me pretty happy with a set packed with one of my beloved female producers’, Iliuchina’s tracks. During the course of the night the LED-lit hoops were being danced with on stage creating quite a spectacle.

At midnight, a personal favourite, EMP accompanied the stage whilst the fire dancers who came out to play and entertain with their infernal antics; quite a talented bunch with the flaming hoops and all that, I must say.

Possibly the set for the weekend for me, Hiyamyzo, killed every limb in my body. They played a few tracks I have not heard prior to this weekend, but I most definitely loved every bone-crunching, bouncy, dark-edge beat the mischievous couple dropped, I am truly thankful for the space I had to move my body in at the back of the floor, ‘cause I would definitely have caused a few injuries in I had to be crunched up in a small space.

As the sun rose for its next awakening, Plusminus and Sway kept the bodies moving. Of course, I’ve been alert all along (I mean really, whoever compiled the weekends’ line-up, seriously had no sleep in mind for the party-goers).

In the midst of a deep bouncy set we had to head up to the parking lot with yet another fun-filled social tractor ride to freshen up a bit before the rest of the Sunday madness commenced.

Back at the playground, we arrived just in time for 22-year old Mystical Complex with his ridiculously cheeky stage presence and we were in for another set filled with bone-breaking thumpers. I sure as hell hope he will be returning to South Africa real soon since I enjoyed the tracks more than a bit.

As always Bruce, another headliner, Harmonika and eventually Headroom made us bounce around like an energizer bunnies; in between the mind altering sets played, we also paid at least more than one visit to the mesmerizing river nestled in the side of the quarry that I have been so excited to revisit ever since my initial visit to the venue. Sliding on rocks in the very much shallow, cold yet cooling river resulted in epic fun, laughter and created a great set of memories.

Back at the, by now, pretty much muddier than before dance floor, I made it my mission in life to colour the cleanest folk with mud; I’m sorry, but if there is mud, you should be getting dirty. Additionally I know I have been the cause of more than a few mud fights and I am dearly thankful for each and everyone that took the initiative to catapult a mud ball back into my direction and enjoy the dirty war with me. To any inconvenience caused… I’m not seriously not sorry, karma got me already with sludge in the eyes and a heavily damaged toe and cut foot, but I’m also sure worse things has happened to both me or you…

Another lady close to my hard with her fun and fluffy sets, Cooks, amused us with the second last set and soon enough the realization started seeping in… another round at Ground Zero is almost over again…

Luckily, I am sure a better goodbye to truly one of the best weekends of my life could not have been given than anyone other than Mac.

From deep down in my muddy heart, I would love to thank each and every person that contributed to making the weekend what it was. I feel immensely privileged to have been back at what has been become probably my favourite venue and I honestly can’t wait to get back (I didn’t want to leave in the first place). Damn, I hope the next one is not too far in the future… Much love to you all and massive thumbs up to Beartrap Productions, you guys kick some serious ass and well done to West Coast Productions for joining in on the outdoor escapades, I’m sure you guys will be doing this again? See y’all soon. Love & light!

–  Zian Blignaut

Images by Chantelle Joy Ova

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