Recently I was lucky enough to work with photographer Danillo Turilli on one of his concept shoots where we got to spend a few hours at the quaint Skinny Legs and All in Loop Street. After the photos were published, I sat down with Danillo to ask him a few questions about his photography, the shoot and his expectations.

YM: You’ve been taking photo’s for a few years (how many?) now, but how did you get into it?

Danillo: I’ve been shooting for about 5 years now. I was living in London working oin the creative team of a sort of web agency and they needed some pictures of people wearing winter fashion. They gave me a DSLR and sent me to Oxford Street and after seeing these grumpy English people stop and pose and laugh in front of my camera I was hooked.

YM: What was the inspiration behind this shoot we’ve just been working on?

Danillo: I was sitting in Skinny Legs and All and the look and feel of the place just reminded me of Europe; it has that old French/Italian chic feel to it. I felt it was a perfect place for a shoot so I spoke to the owners, Jesse and Jamie, and asked if we could shoot there.They were pretty keen and the project went from there.

YM: Compared to what you expected how are the shots, are you happy with the way they came out? ?

Danillo: Yes I’m very happy with the way they came out. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I always feel I don’t get exactly what’s in my mind on camera. I don’t know ifI will ever get to that which is what keeps me striving to do better and better.

YM: How would you describe your style of photography?
Danillo: I can’t really describe my style it just comes out like that. I do seemto like alot of contrast in my photos. Normally I just try to get the feel that I like in my shots.

YM: What would your dream photo shoot entail?

Danillo: There are hundreds of shoots I wish I could do and that I want to do when I can get the budgets. I’d love to go back and shoot high fashion in Italy especially in Rome; there are so many great locations there.

Skinny Legs and All shoot credits:

Photographer and creative director: Danillo Turilli of Danillo Turilli Photography
Stylist: Marica Smit
MUA: Nadia Halperin
Behind the scenes shots: Susi von Geiso
Model: Jade Ashton Scully from D&A Models


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