TRESOR (French for “treasure” and pronounced “Trezor”) is multi award winning and platinum selling 2015 breakout singer-songwriter & producer signed to the legendary record label Sony RCA in Africa and Ultra Records globally (Ultra records is home to Avicii, Calvin Harris, Deadmaus just to name a few). His songs reflect a peregrine of life shared by so many on the continent of Africa, but few are able to express their experiences in a way that captures the ear so universally and directly.

YCLAD: What does it feel like to hit #2 on the Italian ITunes for ‘Never Let Me Go’?

TRESOR: It’s such a massive milestone for me personally as an artist but also for African music in General. It’s really an incredible feeling to be at the forefront of this generation of artists taking our music to all corners of the globe!

YCLAD: You recently went on tour with Seal, how was it sharing a stage with him? Do you have any fun stories to share with us, any funny incidences that took place on the tour?

TRESOR: Going on tour was such in incredible experience and a dream come true. Seal is huge inspiration to me and meeting him and getting advice from him was a major highlight for me this year. Sometime during my set in Cape Town at the Grandwest arena, we had a sound issue…meaning no one could hear my band. So I started jamming ‘Redemption Song ‘ by Bob Marley on my guitar. The whole arena joined in and the atmosphere was just magical.

YCLAD: Tell us a bit about working with Sauti Sol on“Beat The Dust”?

TRESOR: I really love and respect Sauti Sol. Great musicians and all around good people. One of the band members approached me on Facebook and told how much they love my music and the new album. They particularly loved ‘Beat the Dust’. They wanted to record but I was In Durban. I think and they were leaving the next day. Eventually they decided to change their flights so we could record their voices on the song. Incredible musicians!

 YCLAD: ‘The is Home’ featuring Khuli Chana is climbing the Radio charts, how does it feel?

This particular song is really special to me since it’s a homage to Africa – its people, its beauty and all the struggles. I am really happy I could write and produce a mainstream song about Africa. Shout out to my brother Khuli for his great contribution to the song.

YCLAD: We are so proud of your recent flagship worldwide deal with Ultra Records, how did you hear that you’d landed it and how did you celebrate?

TRESOR: Thank you! I first heard of the deal through my management and Publisher at Universal Music group. When it comes to deals, I don’t really celebrate until the work is bearing fruit!

YCLAD: What are you working on at the moment?

TRESOR: Writing new music for many great local artists but also shaping my new sound. 

YCLAD: I’m sure your local fans are dying to know if you have any big gigs lined up is SA this year?

TRESOR: There are many gigs coming up in the coming weeks and fans can stay updated  by checking out my social media. 

Instagram :@tresorofficial

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Facebook: TRESOR Official 


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