South African rock band Watershed have released the second single from their upcoming new album, Elephant in the Room.
Listen to ‘Watershed – Empty Space’ HERE

Going back to their roots with a more acoustic rock feel, “Empty Space” explores themes of life and love. “The first two verses are about trying to find that ease of mind and life’s pleasures, but you keep hitting a brick wall,” explains Craig. “You are trying to fix things but not being able to, and she is the only thing that makes sense in these times.”In homage to his own relationship with wife Natalie and how through lockdown they came closer together. “You are learning all the time from each other and now you know what’s right and what makes sense,” he says. “Eventually things start to come right and you get the feeling that things are changing. You start to feel freedom.”

Reflected in the lyrics of the single, “The way the rivers meet, from the high land peaks bringing a message down of something pure and sweet to guide me home so I can rest my bones and begin again…”, a major theme of the single is that feeling of hope, an important aspect the band wanted to bring in for their album Elephant in the Room written and recorded during the 2020 pandemic – set to be released on 7 May 2021.

The single “Empty Space” is available on all digital platforms including Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music, as well as on CD and vinyl from the Watershed website:

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