Yes, you read correctly, 90s legends Garbage have released a new song and we have the video to prove it!

In honor of the eighth annual Record Store Day, Garbage released a music video for their latest endeavor, “The Chemicals.” Record Store Day (on 18 April 2015) is an annual event that gives a nod to independent music vendors around the world. Aside from its support of independent brick-and-mortars, Record Store Day is also a great opportunity for artists to release original music outside the confines of a large record label. Garbage’s lead singer Shirley Manson expressed her support for the day in an interview with Mashable,

“We have catered for many years to record company execs saying ‘Well you can’t do that, there is no money in that, so you’re not doing that.’ It’s all become about money and money generating, and we just decided we were going to release ourselves from all that nonsense we got literally caged by. We just decided we’d pursue it for the love of it. And we’re all big vinyl fans. That’s how we listened to music as we were growing up, so we decided that we wanted to do something special for Record Store Day.”

True to Record Store Day principles, Garbage is releasing “The Chemicals” on a two-track 10″ vinyl off of their own label, STUNVOLUME.

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