Utopia Festival brings you an eclectic mix of House, Techno, Rock & Live shows with incredible cutting edge design and décor.

Taking place on the Freedom Day weekend, Utopia promises to put a new twist on one of South Africa’s favorite venues Nekkies, featuring the first full on Electronic ‘Oasis’ stage meters from the riverside.

Main Stage:

A one of a kind astonishing stage structure situated at the heart of the festival grounds, will feature SA’s top Live Performer

Fokofpolisiekar are known for their explosive live performances and raw on-stage energy.

Controversial and ever questioning in their lyrics as well as their lifestyle, the band has generated much controversy in the South African media. Fokofpolisiekar has become a household name.

Desmond & the Tutus formed in December 2005 and play an infectiously awesome blend of Rock ‘n Roll and Indie Kwela Pop. Energetic, tongue in cheek sings and a frantic live show make Desmond & the Tutus an unforgettable act.

Karen Zoid has become such an important part of the South African music scene, that her name is now the byword for emotionally charged, downright incendiary South African rock music.

Over a career that has last 10 years, Zoid has earned various accolades (including gold album sales) but she says that what continues to drive her is a deep-seated desire to create music that she can get up on stage and play live.

The Plastics began in 2007 as an evolution of the punk band Hoax. It’s now its own thing. Completely. Along with a cult following that tends to turn their sentences into acronyms and get the dance floor riled up, The Plastics set out to take over the world, or at least play some pretty damn good gigs along the way.

Mr Cat & The Jackal is a unique five piece multi-instrumental group often described as experimental acoustic folk whilst exploring blues, tango, pirate, Balkan and Irish themes. With a circus of sounds created by foreign and handmade instruments – their live performance calls for a complete theatrical experience.

Stay tuned to find out what other acts will be performing at Main Stage during the festival.

Oasis Stage:

On a stomping ground of soft sand, meters from the beautiful riverside this electronic stage brings the best in Deep House and Techno.

Dean FUEL’s distinctive musical style is versatile, and uniquely his own – fusing an intercontinental blend of Minimal, Funk, House, Techno, Electro, Progressive & Trance – the FUEL adds that something special, igniting all dance floors and keeping them burning with his passion and infectious energy delivered through the turntables – ALL ATTITUDE.

Chris Jack’s selection and range of music is endless. Age race and gender is not seen in a crowd when Mr. Jack is in control of the decks. This is where his true ability of giving the crowd what they want makes Chris such an entertainer.

When it comes to genre its Tech House, Techno and Progressive House that pump’s through the audio waves.

James Copeland has been making electronic music professionally for over 8 years – most successfully with his psytrance project Broken Toy, with which he has released 2 albums and toured over 20 countries. In yet another fit of musical hyperactivity, he felt the need to move away from synthetic and “cyber” sounding music and make some tunes focused on vintage tones and slightly more tropical flavours. The result is jazz-infused tech house and cheeky basslines moving from double time swing through to sultry burlesque beats.

Oasis stage additional acts to be revealed.

The Rustum August ‘Eat Life’ Comedy Stage:

Once upon a time there was a cool guy with really short jokes and a great attitude. “Eat Life,” he said- and so we shall.

Cape Town’s Top cutting-edge Comedians, the Starving Comics, a large dose of Cape Town’s

5-minute wonders and you. You lucky Fish!

This stage will run throughout the day with regular shows, a tweet activated billboard (#eatlife) and an opportunity for everyone to join in the fun.

Go ‘Bos’ Stage:

Nestled in our camping area and playing host to some awesome up and coming musicians- The Go ‘Bos’ stage will also give festival goers the chance to show people what they are made of. Bring an instrument, your band, or even create a band there and then. All you have to do is book a slot and the stage is yours!


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Ticket Prices as follows:

Early Bird: R280

Full Weekend: R380

Saturday & Sunday: R320

Sunday: R70

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There will be limited amounts of tickets available for purchase at the door

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