Winter made it clear that it had arrived as we made our way to the Bell for a night out and an awesome line-up including The Plastics. I got in line, got inside, got a beer, got ready for an awesome night. All the right elements were in place.

Opening act, The Mysticcs wasted no time and yanked the show into full speed. With guitars singing and screaming their bluesy rock melodies, combined with on stage antics (thank you Mo Jones, dead ant is not dead); the three piece had the dance floor jumping and me dying to break out the old air guitar.

Them Birds had a tough act to follow but in no way disappointed. All of the elements of this band’s music fell in place like a well-oiled machine, yet still maintained an epic raw quality. Vocalist Marcia hypnotised us with her incredible voice and I heard at least one ‘I love her…..sigh…’ from a mesmerised young lady. Busting out song after song to a venue jammed with people loving every second of it, Them Birds will be branded into the minds of all those that weren’t onto their third tequila yet.

It was then time for The Plastics to take the stage with Ebi Johnstone of The Mysticcs filling in for bassist Arjuna Kohlstock (currently out of the country). Around for five years now, this Indie Rock band only seems to get better, never failing to be anything but brilliant. More people managed to squeeze onto the dance floor as the music kicked off. Perfect layers of the most beguiling tunes, beats that won’t let you sit still and the unrelenting energy these guys pour into their music washed over the crowd wave after wave getting even the stiffs in the back moving (including a particular couple having a go at trying to eat each other’s faces, not quite zombie apocalypse but close).

The Plastics played a mix of their familiar favourite and new songs including Stereo Kids (currently doing the rounds on SA airwaves) each greeted by an increasingly amped and enthralled crowd. Sadly all good things must come to an end but despite the audible emptiness there were still feet going and heads bopping. It’s a nifty trick this band seems to have down to a tee; even after they have stopped playing the music, the music just doesn’t stop playing.

As fantastic as expected, the night was educational. We learned people are still making great rock music, the lead singer of Them Birds is a real life siren, pda’s are acceptable and The Plastics are one of the best things to happen to SA music, in a long time.

-Kira Marais

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