It’s been an extremely exciting year for The Graeme Watkins Project. They released their debut album “Corridors of The Mind” in March 2011, generated 3 hit singles from it and have played some spectacular live shows. As well as it started, 2011 ends on a high note as they release the incredible new music video for their current hit single, “London Bridge”.

The music video for “London Bridge”, the 3rd single from the Graeme Watkins Project, arguably has to be their best video to date. With a production crew made up of some the industry’s best and a creative concept from director, Bevan Cullinan, the video showcases the band’s incredible live performance and why they are rated as one of SA’s top live bands.

When asked about the concept of the music video and what it was like working with the band, Cullinan responds: “I direct TV Commercials for a living and have been looking to shoot a music video for a while. I approached Graeme Watkins Project because I’m a fan of not only the music, but their performance as well. I wanted to shoot a music video with the band ever since I saw them perform live at a Gary the Tooth Fairy New Years special in November 2010. I saw how good the live energy was and felt that this energy needed to showcase in their music video. London Bridge was a great opportunity to do this because of the pace of the track. It is full of energy, which is why I think it will do so well in Europe. The idea for the music video was not concerned with any show and tell story lines, but rather to re-create a performance environment in an underground club scenario, so that the band could show what they do best! There are visual threads that pick up on the essence of the song. The shots are almost voyeuristic, just documenting the phenomenal energy of the performance. The edit then does the rest, keeping track of the pace of the song. The band is very talented and the film was easy to shoot. They kept on going and going! After the shoot, they packed up their stuff and went and played a gig. Enough said!”

Working with Bevan Cullinan has been a dream for the band. From the concept of the video, the crew gathered to shoot the video, to the post production magic – every step has left the band speechless. A tough task with a bunch of Rockers!

“Working with Bevan was an amazing experience. We knew he was the right person to represent our direction, when he titled the concept a schmorgesboard of awesomeness. It was really cool to work with such a creative vision, he knew from the start what he wanted the vision to be, leaving us a sense of trust and comfort of his direction.”, says frontman, Graeme Watkins.

Watch it:

The talented crew involved in the making of the “London Bridge” music video, are:

Director: Bevan Cullinan
DOP: Rory O’Grady
Producer: Graham Black
Production Manager: Tyler Vincent
Editor: Kayleigh Kinnear
Colourist: Craig Simonetti
Flame Operator: Gavin Hong
Production Company: Fresheye Films (

The Graeme Watkins Project and 2 Feet Music would like to thank GWP’s sponsors: Jagermeister, Jagermusic, Holiday Inn Express, First Car Rental, Good Fellows, Vide E Cafe, Nimue Skin and Beyer Dynamic. /

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