Lady Gaga has done some pretty crazy things in the name of fashion. She’s risked her life on 45cm high shoes without heels, smelt like a abattoir while wearing a meat dress, faced suffocation in the face by curling up in a clear perspex egg, the list is endless and steadily growing.

We all love it though – she’s entertaining and innovative, no matter the extent of her bizarre behaviour and appearance. This Christmas season major American retailer, Barney’s, asked Lady Gaga to curate their store in New York City.

One might think she would throw together an assortment of unpractical, shocking garments and expect them to sell. But Lady Gaga outdid herself, selling chocolate replicas of the Alexander McQueen shoes she donned for the Bad Romance music video, wax sculptures of her candy renditions of her outfits and more.

This twisted, crazy version of Santa’s workshop drew thousands at the opening on Tuesday night because the dame herself was there to cut the ribbon. She’s changed Barney’s New York into a little slice of Gaga for Christmas. If you’re lucky enough to be in New York at the moment, go check it out. And send us some pics!


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