After reading countless tweets about how awesome Cosmic Gate were in Cape Town, when Saturday night finally rolled around I was already a little exhausted with excitement for the final leg here in Johannesburg.

Walking into Sky Raiders a little past 9PM, a few over eager patrons were already making a close connection with the bushes. At this point I knew this was going to be killer night. Spending the first hour getting familiar with the exits, bathroom points and bar staff DJ Fresh took to the booth banging out some big tracks, but what made the set most interesting for me was the guy jamming drums on stage. Before Rodger Goode begun his set, it was time to hit the bathroom – a good 30 mintues later I decided to tackle the bar again.

As with any event you have to be prepared to deal with the under pressure, most often, incompetent bar staff (who are just there for a sick jol) and, of course,  the irritatingly slow lines at the bathroom. That aside – Trance events my favourite to attend purely for the the seriously diverse crowd that comes along with them. Being able to eave’s drop on  the eager Sick boet!’s, Jurre Fok!’s and  Aweh cuzzie’s makes the wait at the watering points more interesting and that much more bearable-  let’s not forget the guys who prefer to go shirtless and THAT old guy in Buffalo’s with the thinning pony tail.

Finally, bladder empty and multiple drinks in hand, Cosmic Gate walked on and everyone piled into the hanger not only to get a closer look at the duo, but to seek refuge from the cold and rain. Kicking things off with a little M83, hands and body odour of the easy four thousand strong crowd filled the hanger for the next 3 hours.

I had heard only good things about Emma Hewitt’s performance and really enjoy her previous collaborations, so when she came out I was amped to see how her vocals would stack live. She didn’t disappoint, but what really got the emotional drunk out of me was when lead singer from MiCasa- J something,  joined the Germans on stage to perform Over The Rainbow.

At the end of Cosmic Gate’s set it was time to hit the bricks (even though DJ Fresh said no-one is allowed to leave before the sun comes up), however it was at this point that i fugured I didn’t think my feet could handle another high-heel wedged in them, or being burnt by another one of the casual smokers wild cigarettes.

Ears ringing, safe in bed with my McDonalds, I think about all the positive and negative things that go with these kind of events. And make it all worth it.

-Craig Steyn

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