Introducing the Poetry Autumn collection designed for the modern woman, seeking a calm getaway. This season, we see more cooling pastel tones to infuse soft femininity into soft and fluid designs. There is a greater consideration of timeless prints – creating seasonless pieces that can be worn again and again.

poetry Aw22

Poetry’s AW22 collection is inspired by everything under the microscope, chosen to create a statement, with print-enhancing typical florals, tie-dye and dots. Tonal, cut-out embroidery and textured materials give rise to what is notably known as ‘biomimicry’ – the copy of nature’s technology into design.

poetry AW22

Some trends to expect this season:

DRESSES ARE FIT AND FLARE – Silhouettes for Autumn are more fitted and less voluminous.

VARIETY IN PRINT – Updated Florals, Two-Tone, Tie-Dye, Ditsy, Watercolour – prints conveying ‘A Calm Retreat’ and ‘Bio Impression’.

EASY LAYERING – I.e., Knit tops/jackets/knitwear layered over dresses.

COOL PALETTE REFRESH – Softer palette moving into Autumn, but still relevant transition to prior season.

BACK TO WORK – Work-leisure focus, smart casual outerwear.

poetry AW22

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