Following the success of his recently launched EP called Ready, South African Singer / Songwriter, Pat McCay, draws us into his creative flow with the release of yet another unique and charming single. 

The track, labelled Prosper You, is a single that speaks to the masses; and in a season such as this, where many face the reality of disconnection, the soothing melodies and heartbeat of the song, carry hope. 

Pat explains, “Capturing the heart of human experience, Prosper You addresses the longing to be nurtured, protected and loved; revealing the intrinsic value of human connection and family. Speaking of family, collaborating with Craig De Sousa was like working with a brother. His energy, passion, joy and experience in music and the technicalities of production is unsurpassed.” 

By collaborating with well-known producer, Craig De Sousa, Pat was able to create a peace-inducing, melodic tune that can easily lead the listener into a meditative space.

“Prosper You is about experiencing life and life in abundance; experiencing the fulfilment of one’s heartfelt desire’s. The lyrical content / composition resonates deeply with the idea that rest can be found in stillness and peace; both being a never-ending wellspring of strength and life,” Pat explains.

Continually capturing the heart of his human journey, Pat McCay never fails to bring truth, authenticity and grace to the sound waves. Writing, singing, producing and packaging, he is hard at work on brand new material. Prosper You lends itself as a bridge between his previous EP, and the launch of his next album. Watch this space. 

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