Palm Black tattoo opened on 4 March 2015 at 115a Harrington Street, Cape Town. It’s not your usual looking tattoo parlour, an open loft like space with chic wooden touches.

When asked what inspired the look and feel of the space, owner Raoul Goetze says “there was no look or feel that I intentionally planned on, but I definitely wanted a space that would be calm and welcoming. A space that would serve as an umbrella for of all avenues I’m involved in, a big shell that when you walk in, you would immediately know that it is mine. I guess I just started at a point and went with what, it felt natural. I find when you work off references that you might see in magazines etc, a space might not turn out how you wanted, even though you really liked what you were working off. When you just go for it, chances are that a space will just naturally speak for itself and look unique. Portray exactly what you’re about, all in the form of colour pallets, artwork, furniture, layout, feel etc.”

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Find them at:
115a Harrington Street

Photo credits:
BLACK & WHITE IMAGES – Dirk Steenkamp
COLOUR IMAGES – Ian Engelbrecht

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