Nearly a year after the release of the album, Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys return with two new singles – ‘Formless’ and ‘Loose Ends’. Written and recorded during the ‘Sleeping Tapes Session’, both singles somehow fell outside the somnambulist realm of the album. Both allude to something beyond introversion and lullaby.

In 2019, Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys released their sophomore album ‘Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls’. The album, as a collection of songs written amidst periodic bouts of insomnia, is an expression of Kruger’s investigation into herself.  With much of the album written through sleepless nights, Kruger endeavoured to illuminate the quiet conversations that occur with oneself in the isolation of the bedroom.

Listen to ‘Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls’:

With this intent, the album became a documentation for those who suffered from a similar suffering – a quiet, unshakable restlessness. ‘Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls’, at its heart, is an invitation to Kruger’s thoughts. A sharing of stories.

Lucy Kruger: “As an artist, I’m able to offer a detailed expression of my experiences. Although a situation may feel unique to me, many of the feelings felt are universal. Giving those feelings sound and shape validates them. And allows listeners to feel less alone, and to be seen. Even at a distance.

Lucy Kruger: “The songs feel ready to be shared now. They offer a window to what was and to what is to come.”

Listen to Lucy Kruger – Sleeping Tapes Session here.






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