Pascal and Pearce recently released their brand new single, Lose Control with Johnny Apple and their previous single, Running Wild, featuring Jethro Tait is close to being Platinum certified. We caught up with them below.

Loving the new track guys, tell us a little about how it came to fruition and how you came about getting Johnny on vocals.
P&P: Thanks so much! The track was actually in the pipelines for ages – we started with the original idea in late 2016. Our publishers Sony ATV put us in touch with Johnny quite some time after that, and after a bit of back and forth we were like yeah, we’ve got the perfect track for this! We think it worked out pretty well.

When can we expect another banger?
P&P: Soon, we’re already working on ideas for the next single – we’ve got a few ideas down so far, we just need to find the right vocalist. But we’re aiming for release in the next 3-4 months!

What are your top 3 songs right now?
P&P: Tricky one… just looking at the recent playlists on our phones it would probably be Semiautomatech by Distinkt, the Phlegmatic Dogs remix of Jaws by AC Slater, Lose My Mind by Chris Lake.

What are some of the best experiences you’ve had playing at big festivals?
P&P: By far the best experience at a big festival is playing one of your original tracks and seeing the crowd respond, singing along and jamming. It’s a really cool feeling!

Which gigs are you most looking forward to playing at this year?
P&P: We’ve got some really cool shows lined up for the rest of the year – check our social media for all the gig info.

How do you plan on celebrating, and will Jethro be invited, when you hit Platinum?
P&P: Hahaha Jethro is always invited! But no we haven’t really thought about that much – if anything, something chilled. 😉

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