Converse has launched its version of the movement to wipe out student debt called #kickthedebt. The issue of the student is a prominent issue South African youth’s face, with an increasing need for the issue to be erased. Converse is pledging R1 Million to support and assisting students across South Africa, allowing students with interests across any career field the chance to apply.  

The focus of the #kickthedebt campaign is to try and alleviate even a small portion of the result of generational economic depression. The campaign aims to make a  difference to the youth in South Africa as education is prohibitively expensive, and as a result, student debt is incredibly high. With the support of 2 influencers to act as ambassadors, the campaign will be brought to life inspiring and exciting the target market by using social and digital platforms accessible to students.  

The campaign is supported by Radio personality Mo Flava, we chat to him about the campaign…

Q: Being affiliated with Boston Media House, you are known for being one who cares about education – can you tell us why this cause is so close to your heart?

A: I have first-hand experience of what it’s like to battle with fees as a student. My parents paid for my fees but at some point they were limited. I Had many friends who experienced the same thing and I guess in some instances I felt demoralized and uncertain about my future. I had to keep myself motivated and remind myself why I chose this path. I was able to get through it and Boston Media House was great in not only giving me practical knowledge but also offering a great student environment. Over the years, I realized how many people wanted to get into media and I would often get asked to assist or give advice. I then felt it would be meaningful to partner with Boston in giving bursary opportunities to students who wanted to get into media. It melts my heart to see how many students I have assisted complete their studies and actually find work in the industry. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the Converse Kick the Debt campaign and how you got involved?

A: Kick the debt is an excellent initiative by converse that gives students the opportunity to get rid of their student debt. All you have to do is log onto the converse web page and complete an application form. You can also nominate someone you know to have their debt squashed. I think converse have taken a bold step in being a part of the solution when it comes to such issues. I hope it grows and that more and students get assistance. Student debt is one of the most concerning issues when it comes to youth progress, so something like this goes a long way in helping young people reach their academic goals.

Q: The issue of students is a prominent issue South African youths face, how can we as South Africans do more?

A: We need to encourage young people to get further education after matric. An educated society breeds a successful economy. We can all do something. I am using my platforms and influence to take people through school. Perhaps more of us need to use our resources, networks, and platforms to assist young people with a keen interest to study. Corporates need to jump on in a bigger way in helping students through school. Individuals with access and influence need to also get on board. Ultimately, the benefit in a large population of educated youth creates endless possibilities. The hope is that the economy grows fast enough to take all those graduates into the workplace.

Converse has made the level of access to entry for students easy by using digital platforms. To combat those barriers, applicants can enter and access the  #KicktheDebt nomination form on the Converse e-commerce, where friends and family will also be able to motivate for funds.  

At the end of the nomination phase, Skye and/its appointed vetting service provider shall assess each nomination and select the final beneficiaries.

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