Shadowclub formed after the demise of their former band, Airship Orange. This time, Shadowclub’s desire to make stripped down songs stemmed partly from the bands they were listening to when they formed at the end of 2007. We chat to them ahead of their upcoming Summer tour and appearance at the Blues Cruise.

Q: Who are some of the bands that inspire your sound?
A: The black keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, John Lee Hooker, Nirvana, The White Stripes, KOL are a few.

Q: If you had to collaborate with any local artists who would it be?
A: Make Overs

Q: Your debut album, Guns n Money, was a huge success- what was your favourite song on that album?
A: Dust Is Rising

Q: You just released  your brand new album, Big Green Mamba Dream – how would you say it differs from your debut album and what can fans expect from it?
A: I think the main difference is the head space we were in when creating BGMD vs when we made GnM. We were a lot calmer this time around. More settled. And our egos aren’t getting in the way. And you can hear it in the music. We’re not rushing through songs like we’ve done in the past. We’re sitting back, feeling the music. We’re becoming less aggressive as we grow up.

Q: Favourite festivals you’ve played at locally and abroad?
A; Koppi, Daisies, STRAB and Splashy are always great local festivals. We played a festival called V Rox in Russia a few years ago, which was quite a trip. It’s nice to know you can travel to the other side of the world and still connect with a crowd through your music.

Q: Where can fans catch you on stage this summer?
A: 14 December 2018 – The Irish in Linden, JHB
15 December 2018 – Railways in Irene, Centurion
16 December 2018 – Exclusive acoustic performance, by reservation only, Pablo House, Melville, JHB
22 March 2019 – Mojo Rising Blues Cruise
More dates to be announced early next year for 2019

Q: And finally – what will Shadowclub be bringing to The Blues Cruise in March 2019?
 A: Speedos and leather jackets. Sexy combo.


Come and live life on the water, singing the Blues under enchanting clear skies on the Mojo Rising Blues Cruise. Kids under 18 sail for free and tickets start at R4 545,00 – visit for bookings. Make sure to select the BLUES CRUISE option when making your booking!

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