Casey Louw reviews her top six spots to shop in Cape Town

The Lot: Vineyard Road, Claremont & Kloof Street

The fashion savvy owners of The Lot, Wardrobe and Poppa Trunks, Ashleigh Battle and Gren Asperling, have created a market for fashion thirsty men and women. These three shops are in our top 3 for male/female buyers in Cape Town

The Lot is shopper-friendly with a store layout that will tickle your fancy. What makes this shop stand out from the rest? The clothing is diverse and wearable. Male and female items come in different shapes and sizes, smart or casual. Accessorising one’s outfit has never been easier with bags, caps and belts for men and handbags, jewellery for the ladies. Glitzy gold watches under the Nixon brand are a must for the added bling. For this designer ware you will get a much sought after quality.

Wardrobe: Vineyard Road, Claremont & Kloof Street

Mission statement: To make you fall in love with fashion.

The aim of this store is to create a woman’s fashion that has the zest and essence of pure fashion with pleasing results. The vintage flair of this label is seen in skirts, dresses and tops that are pleasant on the eye and figure hugging. Its price range is not too expensive and attracts woman who seek a stylish/professional look.

 Poppa Trunks: Vineyard Road, Claremont & Kloof Street

When you walk into this male targeted store you literally want to lap up all the trendy items that scream “buy me”. The t-shirts are one-of-a-kind with something for everyone. Each print has a unique feel and the variety of colours cater for a broad market. There are caps, sneakers and bags on sale too. So if you’re looking for a brand that will bring out your inner style, try this one out.

The Loading Bay: Hudson Street, de Waterkant

This store is not only trendy but offers coffee for the thirty shopper. If you’re seeking a delicious pair of Denims, this is the place to go. Their jeans are sourced from overseas and make for a comfortable day ware or a stylish out on the town outfit. The shirts on offer are comfy too. Owner Jon-Paul (JP) Bolus has created an atmosphere of fine eating and shopping.

 MeMeMe: Long Street

Long Street’s buzz and atmosphere is felt in the excitement of this store. MeMeMe is a favourite and stocks the beautiful Tashkaya brand. It is affordable and fun with a unique flair to each garment. Owners Kirsty Bannerman and Doreen Southwood have whipped up a stylish medley of affordable clothing for the modern woman.

Mungo & Jemima: Long Street

Mungo and Jemima is a must for a shopaholic. The personal touch added by owners, Kirsty Bannerman and Marian Park-Ross, make for a fun shop. The happy feel is felt in the trendy items sold here with a unique flair for eye-catching pieces and accessories. Take a peak if you want a gorgeous look at a good price.

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