It’s the Monday morning after that awesome music festival, your hair is bright pink with purple streaks and you have a meeting scheduled with your boss. Panic mode is setting in. Do you:

  • Call in sick?
  • Shave your hair?
  • Wear a hoodie with the hood up all day; earning yourself the nickname ‘Kenny’ among your colleagues in the process

There is an easier option to help you overcome your multi-coloured-hair horror – Colour B4. This revolutionary product safely removes semi and permanent hair colour; allowing you to go crazy with colour for festivals.

Colour B4 is the ideal bathroom cabinet staple for those planning on partying it up at events like the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, Oppikoppi and Rocking the Daisies, or if you’re just feeling adventurous and wanting to try a new look.

The first product of its kind in South Africa, Colour B4 shrinks the colourant molecules in the hair, which can then be washed way, thus removing the undesired colour. It contains no bleach or ammonia and the after-treatment ‘buffer’ means that hair can be immediately re-coloured. The product is available in two variants, Colour B4 Regular which is ideal for all hair colours and Colour B4 Extra which has been developed for darker hair colours and colour build-up.

Colour B4 gives you the freedom to play with colour and is fantastic for home dye enthusiasts to not only “go back to your roots” if you dye your hair frequently, but also to save you from potential colouring disasters.

To ensure that your hair looks fabulous all-festival-long, prep your hair with Str8 Forward – the home hair-straightening solution.

STR8 Forward uses the same science as the permanent straightening treatments available in salons and works by first breaking down the internal bonds inside the hair – leaving it open and able to accept both protein and a new shape. The hair is then infused with rich Keratin proteins and straightened to create super smooth results. Finally a fixing cream is applied to re-connect those bonds; sealing in the new straight shape. The result is smooth, silky straight hair that lasts up to three months even on the most unruly of curls or the frizziest hair. What’s more it reduces blow-dry and styling time – giving you more time to dance the festival away.

For more information about Colour B4, STR8 Forward and the other products in the Colour B4 range visit the website or visit the Facebook page.

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