A collaboration between 3 seasoned songwriters with one common goal in mind –stick to the roots.
With more than 30 years accumulate experience on the South African music circuit Gareth Wilson
(SGQ), Jaco Mans (Tidal Waves, Die See) and Andre Kriel (The Black Cat Bones) have tapped into
their sonic archives to produce an acoustic sound that is best described as authentic and honest
‘outlaw-folk’ music. We chat to them about all things music…

So, we’ve gotta know, how’d you come up with your band name?

At the time that we started the band SGQ had just stopped playing after Paul passed away and Jaco had left Tidal Waves. The inside joke was are the two of us extinct or not, because like the Coelacanth there were rumours of our existence but nobody knew for sure.

How did you guys meet and ultimately become Coelacanth?

Jaco used to play in a band called Duck and Cover years ago and Gareth played for Southern Gypsey Queen. This was early 2000’s and they always promised to one day start up something together. Along came Andre Kriel with a great idea for an acoustic outlaw band. The idea was that we could play any stage, smaller and more akward the better. We had gotten so tired of all these crappy little pubs where we had to make do with tiny stages and sub standard sound that we designed our sound and set up to aim specifically at the worst case scenarios. One could say we aren’t the most ambitious band on the block.

How would you describe your sound for those who don’t know how to place it. Who are your inspirations?

We love the old outlaw country singers like Haggard, Jennings, Nelson etc but also a lot of blues has creeped in I guess. We always joke and say we are the acoustic band Pantera fans listen to when they braai.

In March 2019, you will board the Mojo Rising Blues Cruise (alongside other stellar SA blues artists). What will Coelacanth be bringing to the boat in terms of blues and good vibes?

Our summer bodies of course.

Who are you most excited to share the boat stage with?

That whole line up is power, to be honest I am amped to see every single act on the bill and will definitely do so.

Where can we find your music?

At our shows, we are finally getting in studio to record an album and if all goes well it will be done and on the shelves by the time we set sail.

Which upcoming festivals or gigs can fans catch you at?

Right now Gareth has been busy with Cockles, Jaco with Die See and Bunge and Andre have a new Black Cat Bones album out- so the focus has been on our other projects. But at the end of the year we will be back in the swing of all things fishy.


the blues cruise 2019

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Make sure to select the BLUES CRUISE option when making your booking!
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