Your body is the most valuable thing you have. It truly is your temple – where you go to seek inner messages, from your inner voice and your built-in intuition. It is a place that provides answers, and it yearns to be looked after. Kiko Vitals helps you do this.

Kiko Vitals is specifically designed through divine feminine intuition to achieve glowing radiance, inside and out. 

KV products are made using the highest-quality natural ingredients, in the perfect quantity, so that the female body can absorb them easily, due to its unique physiology. Their products harness the healing powers that have origins in ancient times, and once again, are relevant for the modern woman.

Kiko Hormone Balance is created to relieve the effects of issues linked to the female cycle, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), menopause, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), endometriosis, weight gain, acne and more. 

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Kiko BLOAT is an all natural vitamin, packed with organic fruit enzymes and calming anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The Bloat Alchemy Capsules are a blend of 5 herbs and a fruit-based digestive enzyme that target every possible cause for bloating.

Ingredients are sourced from the most potent part of every plant which ensures our formula works in under an hour.


Stand to Win!

Stand to Win a Kiko Vitals Hamper worth R970! Simply visit our Instagram and Facebook Pages to find the giveaway post and enter before it’s too late!

Prize includes 1x Kiko Bloat 60 capsules, R480 and 1x Kiko Hormone Balance 60 capsules, R490

Closes 23 June and winners will be notified via our IG stories.

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