Introducing the“Halle Berry Effect”. Who could forget that scene? The world moves in slow motion as a goddess in an orange strapless bikini emerges from the ocean.  The water effortlessly trickles down her ridiculously hot body while she holds the gaze of Mister Double-Oh-Seven.

I am going to tell you how you can achieve the same reaction with the right one-piece swimsuit:

Know your body type

Sure Halle might be able to rock a bikini but even she can’t wear just anything. A gorgeous woman in the wrong cozzie will quickly slip into the “what on earth is she wearing?” zone.  One-pieces offer more security for those who prefer to show less skin. But being secure doesn’t mean you have to be boring.

1.  Somewhat Small

A little padding makes your ‘lack of bust’ appear fuller.  Ruffles also give the illusion of volume.  A strapless cozzie with some padding will compliment a leaner woman as it accentuates the shoulders and draws attention to the neckline.

For a smaller bust we recommend a stunning Princesse Tam Tam Swimsuit.

2. A Bit Busty

If you have a larger bust, go for the underwire as opposed to the strapless. The weight of water threatens to remove the cozzie (and I’ve heard stories of the water winning).  You might also want to go for the one-shoulder. It’s sensual while giving welcomed support.  Other secure and sexy styles are a low cut wrap cozzies and halter necks.

We recommend a Miraclesuit® from Sea Weeds for bigger busts.

3. Pretty Prints

Most prints enhance all body types and draw attention to your tan but note that horizontal lines tend to widen the frame.

Get down to your nearest Accessorize boutique and check out their range of styles and prints.

4. Summer Loves Colour

Experiment with colours until you find shades and patterns that compliment your complexion. When it comes to swimwear you are allowed to stop the traffic, hey Halle did.

Get your brightly coloured cozzie from Dax Martin.

To really pull off the “Halle Berry” effect the most essential ingredient is a touch of sass. It’s not the swimsuit that’s on show, you are.  So own it.

Tendayi Nyeke

Categories: Fashion