Your face is the first thing you see when you meet anyone in any situation. Do you hide your skin under piles of concealer and base? If you do, then you are probably not having regular facials. High priority should be placed on personal appearance as it is linked to your attitude and confidence on both a personal and career level. Wendy Chiat, a model and now the owner of the new Green Point beauty salon, Petticoat Parlour, has stated that prevention is the key. She says: “people often don’t realise the benefits of having facials on a regular basis. Anyone who has skin concerns should really try having a facial once a week for six weeks in order to cure it. And to maintain that perfect, glowing complexion, all you really need is one facial per month or every six weeks.”

Your skin is made up cells living for just a mere 30 days moving up from the dermis to the surface(epidermis) where eventually they flatten and fall off, so keeping your skin always looking renewed and fresh means not only looking after what’s on top but also what’s underneath. Having regular professional facials stimulates the exfoliation process and will keep skin more toned and youthful-looking. Wendy adds: “It’s kind of like gym for skin. You’re not only toning your abs but also your skin and, as with gym, facials should be part of your regular regime.”

If you’re finding it tough out there financially, Petticoat Parlour recommends booking your facial only four times a year – one for each season. On younger skin, unless you have skin problems, facials can be less frequent as your skin tends to heal and renew itself faster, but as you age you need more treatments such as peels, light therapy or micro-needling (please refer to notes below for more information).

Wendy Chiat (some of you may recognise her face on the current Woolworths campaigns) opened Petticoat Parlour in trendy Green Point, just above Giovanni’s. Wendy, a self-proclaimed ‘neat freak’, believes a beauty regime should consist of waxing, manicure and pedicures and, essentially, monthly facials. Her experience in the beauty industry as a model combined with her studies at the international beauty academy, Sandy Roy, gave her the idea for a salon where fun and exceptional service can combine in a professional salon. The standard at Petticoat Parlour is high, with Wendy choosing only to work with the most reputable and experienced therapists and top brands, such as Dermalogica, Guinot and Nimue.

Wendy, who loves the location, look and feel of her retro ‘50s designed salon, is inspired by her baby girl. Her favourite treatment is the Hydradermie double ionisation facial and she loves ordering Frankie’s old fashion sodas while she gets pampered in her own salon. Petticoat Parlour is like having a best friend whispering all her beauty secrets to you, so come in and experience for yourself what splendour with a dash of fun really feels like.

Petticoat Parlour
Paramount Centre, 105 Main Road, Green Point.
Tel: 021 434 9484

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