The latest Release from Sheer Sound: The Dirty Skirts’ Lost In The Fall

It was announced today that two of the Sheer Sound divisions: SEED and 2 FEET MUSIC, have merged!

The goal of 2 Feet Music has always been to expose a select range of extremely talented artists, such as Farryl Purkiss and Nibs van der Spuy, to the globe, whereas Seed Music was created to give emerging South African Rock Bands a platform to release and distribute their albums locally. Seed Music soon developed to become home to some of SA’s most successful Rock Bands such as The Dirty Skirts, Boo!, Taxi Violence, The Graeme Watkins Project and Plush, to name a few, and was no longer seen as a development label for up-and-coming bands .

Having said that, we at YCLAD are excited to see what the merger will bring on the local and global music industry next.

– Jeanne

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