Today we stumbled upon something rather interesting, Reynier van Zyl, a man who is in the process of cycling to Egypt, with no money.

“I will cycle from South Africa to Egypt unsupported with no money. I am cycling up Africa, for no other reason than, I want to live my life like there is no tomorrow. In order for us humans to be happy, we need a few things in life. Like, love and acceptance, but we also need brain stimulation, change, challenge and something new otherwise our brains are like a record player playing the same song over and over. We lack all of these in our lives and we live these routine lives. I just got so tired of this and after I quit my job, a new world opened to me and I can say, since that day, my life started. After I quit my job I did some basic living. It was my first step trying to move away from the system we live in and there I met a friend that introduced me to this idea of cycling up Africa. Now my dreams are just expanding and getting bigger and bigger. I am just dreaming so much bigger dreams that I have ever dreamed and I am pursuing them with no fear. It becomes like a drug, and I just want more and more!! So I am going to cycle up Africa, with no money and literally rely on blessings. I am doing this to challenge my comfort zones and problem solve my way through on the spot. I don’t like to plan ahead, just deal with everything as it comes. I made a choice to live in the present. To do what your heart tells you, to follow it, and not to ignore it. This blog will be my open dairy and I will write as open as possible.”

reynier van zyl cycling to egypt with no money

His most recent post he writes about day 73 on 3 April, the worst day day on the journey so far.

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