The 2011 Whisky Live Festival started in Cape Town last night with a bang! Or perhaps ‘a blow’ would be more correct. The festival was opened by a Scottish Pipers Band, and it set the tone for a very festive start to the three day long event.

With over 180 different whiskeys from all the major distilleries across the planet, there will surely be something for everyone. The Whisky Live festival is on in the CTICC from the 2-4 of November, and it is well worth a visit.

There are whiskey-tasting tours, mixing classes done by Schweppes, food and whiskey pairing done to absolute perfection by Pick ‘n’ Pay and more whiskey tasting than any person could ever hope to do in one day.

A very interesting fact regarding the spelling of the word “Whiskey”:

The Irish claim to have added the “e” in the word to distinguish their whiskeys from that of the Scottish, while the Scots claim they removed the “e” to set their whiskies apart. Even though the current recessions might have placed a damper on most of us, the whiskey industry is booming. Having shown a 22% increase in the last year, the industry is not jut improving, it is growing rapidly.

The whiskey distilleries have also started doing their part for the environment, and one distiller in Cameronbridge is busy installing a biomass power plan that will reduce the CO2 emissions of the plant to the equivalent of removing 15,000 cars off the road each year.

Just another reason to support whiskey!

If rumours are to be believed, then the value of all the whisky in Scotland, still in barrels waiting to be bottled, are more valuable than all the gold in America’s reserves.

So my advice is to go to the festival and invest in the liquid gold that we all know and love!

– Sandmann

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