Design is many things to many people. Mostly, it’s a word used to describe the thought process before the finished product. It hints back to a plan, starting with a blank A4 sheet and a blunt pencil, which evolved into a piece of what, is essentially, functioning art. However, while a design process is the basis of anything visual, be it automotive, graphic or fashion, often there is a little more to the finished pieces.

A hidden beauty not yet seen or appreciated until it’s highlighted from a different perspective. The above image is very obviously half a sandwich. But look at it without that in mind. Look at it as an image. The colours, the balance, they all hark back to, and are a result of great design. There is an unintentional artistic allure to this. Something which I assume will only appeal to those in the creative realm.

This led me ask a few fellow work mates the same. And the results were quite staggering. In our little marketing office, we have a mixed bag with some very different skillsets. The creative assets in our office love the imagery, commenting on the way these presented. We even devised a few ideas for future campaigns from these images.

The other camp was less impressed, preferring to harp on about why one would do that and didn’t really see the beauty behind it. They failed to appreciate the simplicity of the idea, or the vivid indulgence of colour and form. All, however, were left hungry. We have the great pleasure of living in a world today where design and art are merging. To me, this is design.

Design is as much art as it is function. It’s a science as much as it is a feeling. And being able to appreciate the simplest of compositions in the most elaborate visual creations is what separates the creatives from the accountants.

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-Shane Oosthuizen

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