Rock for Rhinos, the charity gig to raise awareness and money for one of Africa’s most recognisable animals, has come and gone. And wow, what an evening it turned out to be.

Hours were spent making décor, organising fun blog comps and generally getting the word out there about this fantastic initiative; and the response couldn’t have been better.

Zula was packed; the line outside spread out to the end of the block. Cape Tonians really showed they cared (and love to rock).

Matthew Mole got things started downstairs with a charming and eloquent set – watch out for this guy. Jeremy Loops followed suit with his usual band of onstage characters performing a fun and engaging set. Holiday Murray jammed to a sardine-packed audience and The Plastics got the crowd jumping. Lastly, Juke Royal took to the stage with an energetic performance to see the evening’s line up out on the downstage.

Upstage: the DJs ruled the roost. Acts like Mix n Blend, Blush n Bass, Niskerone and Kennedy pumped out the beats, hard. The wall of thrashing bodies was evident enough that the people loved every minute.

If the space available (or lack thereof) in Zula is anything to go by I’d say the event raised a pretty penny for our horned friends. Go Rock for Rhinos!

If you missed the gig but still want to do your bit why not go for a stroll in Kirstenbosch Gardens next weekend? Check out the details here.


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