Varsity Sport meets High Fashion in Puma’s Latest Colab!

Following on from a successful show at New York Fashion Week, Rihanna’s latest collection with PUMA, FENTY University, has just dropped in store.
Varsity Sport meets High Fashion in this latest collaboration, which is designed to represent the unique styles of different youth cultural cliques; Nerds, Jocks, Skaters, Preppies, Goth kids and of course, Bad Gals.

Most likely to break the rules, the latest FENTY PUMA by Rihanna collection takes classic school uniforms and dismantles them. Varsity jackets are reimagined with exaggerated dimensions. Sneakers meet stiletto heels. Preppy meets provocative. Unexpected cutlines, premium materials, and chenille patches abound. Ready to be schooled?
A number of FENTY University items have just dropped in stores. Including FENTY Women’s Ankle Strap Sneaker and Cleated Creepers.

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