Jade Hooke, the youngest person to ever win the South African Avis Derby, has taken the top spot once more. The derby, held on 9 October, was packed with fun and horse-related activities.

One thing I noticed this year, other than a general love for horses; the more than 2 000 audience members had one thing in common – SUNGLASSES. Did I see anyone without sunglasses? Only kids! Sunglasses are definitely the must-have accessory this summer and, if you don’t have a pair, you better get yourself some.

Fashion is often over emphasised at most derbies, but one could not help admire the riders’ outfits. From fancy glittery tops, full-length European medieval dresses, long Victorian-style jackets, smart blazers, fedoras and the African Skye pipe band in kilts, to Boks’ jerseys; they definitely outdid the audience.

This year, the ladies toned it down with simple, yet chic, fashion comprising of summery dresses, one-piece suits and flats all around.

Another flashy aspect of the day was BMW’s showcase: necessary utilities or signs of iconography? It’s hard to tell with these shiny, horse-powered machines. One such vehicle, the Countryman Mini-Cooper, is above all fashionable and definitely not to be driven without sunglasses.

Summer Must Have’s:

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-Grace Kadzere

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