Ever caught yourself staring aimlessly into your wardrobe thinking to yourself: “I have nothing to wear”? Are you also familiar with that cash-strapped feeling? Need some retail therapy and fast?  There is a solution, thanks to an initiative called The Frock Swop.

The project was started by Rebecca Cronje after being inspired by frock swops overseas and we have to say YCLAD loves her for starting it. Frock swopping is not only affordable and exciting, but it gives you an opportunity to “pimp your wardrobe” in a “green” way. Instead of buying yourself a new wardrobe you can “recycle” what you’ve already got.

Last weekend we were lucky enough to attend the first frock exchange at the gorgeous Bromwell in Cape Town and experience one of the many-to-come swops.

How it works

First you need to choose your weapons – now the main concept of the swop is to exchange a beautiful second hand item from your wardrobe for someone else’s chosen garment. Therefore make sure that the items you choose to take are in good condition and wearable. They must be items that you know others will love. These were our choices – not easy to let go of, but its time for something new.

Once there we were greeted by registration where all our items were graded according to their value. The items were rated from 1 – 5; 1 point being R 100 and 5 being R 500 and over.

After registration the swoppers were directed to the adjoining restaurant at the Bromwell, called Bread, and treated to wine and divine canapés. While we were enjoying our snacks, the fabulous Frock Swop crew were working behind the scenes setting up all the items.

Then came swopping time, the moment we had all been waiting for. The announcement created a mad rush to the rails and the Frock Swop began.  Stunning items were everywhere, but disappeared quickly. The secret is to get in as fast as you can and just grab, but be considerate at the same time, no hitting or biting allowed.

All in all it was a fabulous day at the Bromwell. We walked away with some fantastic new items for the wardrobe and a bonus goodie bag. What more could you ask for – YCLAD plans on attending more The Frock exchange events.

-Lisa Phillips

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