While a kiss on the lips may be quite conventional, the new party shooter may just be the unconventional KISS you will always remember.

Brought to you by (DGB), the distributors of Grey Goose, the world’s best tasting vodka, KISS is a high altitude party shooter fused with virgin vodka, mandarin and exotic fruits.

“This is a beverage probably to be enjoyed by women who just want to let their hair down a little. It is one of our best tasting party drinks and will definitely get the party going,” says Jarrod Stewart, Marketing Manager, DGB

Prepared with supreme precision, KISS comes in a beautifully packaged and sleek black bottle, embodying the dark velvet skies on a midsummer’s night, while the fluorescent lettering on the bottle is reminiscent of the neon lights of a metropolis.

A refreshing splash of KISS over chilled little diamonds of steamy ice is set to get you into the party mood.

Jet setters and well-heeled women are about to experience a new kind of cool when KISS goes down their parched throats to set the mood just right.

Friday nights will never be the same without a refreshing KISS from DGB.

Available at your local liquor store, KISS retails at around R74.95 and is best served chilled as a shooter or in a cocktail.

KISS is your drink of choice!

For more information on KISS visit www.dgb.co.za

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