Ray-Ban re-Invents The Icon’s!

ray-Ban Reinvented Aviator Blaze

One step ahead in style. Never sacrificing substance. Committed to re-thinking and re-imagining our products, the Ray-Ban icons have had countless reinventions. With endless ideas and opportunities for integrating new technology, leading new trends or revisiting classic styles, every reimagining of an icon is iconic in itself.

This holiday season, the Aviatorthe frame that sent Ray-Ban into the stratosphere – is now available once more in its original design. Released for the 80th anniversary, available online and at Ray-Ban stores only, this reinvention looks to history instead of the future; the minute details of the Aviator 1937 throwback to the first ever Ray Ban frame – and a time of flight and fight.

Or look back to the 70s with Evolve. Those iconic Aviator lenses are remade with a photochromatic lens that changes in the light.

ray-ban aviator
Blaze is a complete reinvention of the Aviator. Bold flat lenses are laid over the frame for a look that demands attention.

Because in the 21st century, you don’t just shine. You blaze. The retro-classic Clubmaster is given a space-age makeover for Clubmaster Aluminium. Reinvented metallic frames – but a vintage sophistication they’ll never lose.

ray-ban hexagonalRay-Ban Hexagonal gives Round an edge. The folksy round frames are given a sharp update with flattened lenses and new angles. A modern update, but whether you choose yours in pale lilac, bright blue, or classic black, the psychedelic spirit of the 60s lives on.

Stockist: Luxottica 

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