The latest ad from the ever controversial array of ads for Nando’s: “The Last Dictator Standing” has  officially been banned in the UK.

A Nando’s UK spokesperson has confirmed based on its political controversy, which features the deceased Gaddafi and Hussein, with Mugabe.

On the contrary most UK citizens loved the ad, and felt that “it is not a controversial ad, it is just a good ad!”. After seeing the ad one of the commentators on Yahoo News wrote “sold- I’m off to Nando’s!”

The ad is an hilarious must see, which I believe will earn Nando’s another award in the ad industry this year.

“Needless to say Nando’s ads have been the centre of some heated topics of conversation. We’ve also won a lot of advertising awards along the way and they’ve been fantastic!” is the statement on the Nando’s website regarding its ads!

The 45 second ad, for the new 6-pack meal, opens with a Robert Mugabe lookalike wistfully picking up a Colonel Gaddafi place card from an empty dinner table. In a dream sequence he is then met by the deceased Libyan dictator who starts a water fight with a golden AK-47.Mugabe is then seen frolicking with Saddam Hussein, South African apartheid leader P W Botha and former Ugandan president Idi Amin before the dream sequence cuts out.

Check it out

-Sindiso Phiri

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