Madame Zingara first opened its doors right here in the Mother city in 2001. The bohemian style restaurant quickly made a successful name for itself and in 2004, increased to host an impressive 320 people at maximum capacity. After a fire destroyed the entire restaurant in 2006, the Madam Zingara team decided to bring the first Spiegel (mirrored) tent to South Africa and become the first travelling dining experience in the country, with an annual itinerary of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

After many years of wanting to experience this all for myself, I was given the opportunity to join my fabulous friends for a night to remember over the weekend. Dressed to the nines, hats and all, this night was a truly memorable experience.

Located at Century City in Cape Town, Madame Zingara boasts a bohemian, gypsy theme where one can expect the impossible. The Spiegel tent, giant disco ball, red velvet draping and breathtaking performances will transport you back to a time where “cirque and magic ruled the world.”

The night would not have been the same without the infamous “floor fairies” dressed up in nurse’s outfits complete with cone head wigs, Dracula, red riding hood and the like. They provide excellent service while enacting their characters personalities.

The meal consists of four courses starting with an antipasti mezze selection consisting of grissini sticks, tzatsiki, courgette soup and beetroot tartlets. The next course is a delicious butternut and sage ravioli followed by the main course; a difficult choice between the famous chocolate chilli fillet, the lamb shank, the Norwegian salmon or the African vegetable curry. The final, and decadent, dessert course is an array of key lime pie, home made vanilla ice cream and mouth watering chocolate cigars.

The performers are the centres of attention throughout the evening with the circular, centre stage allowing everyone to have a fantastic view of the show of these talented people coming together from all corners of the globe to entertain and delight audiences. The Original tons of fun featuring Stella Magaba are a trio of voluptuous, extraordinary women who put the original motown and disco singers to shame. These ladies perform everything from Aretha Franklin to The Click Song by Miriam Makeba.

The Mongolian princesses are three extremely flexible contortionists who effortlessly get themselves into seemingly impossible positions. Ivan and Christina are a Russian duo of performers who defy gravity by their impressive act on roller skates. Miss Tina Two-Time is a midget woman who proves that dynamite really does come in small packages. This lady has an incredible voice and will entertain and delight you from on board her fairground pony.The evening at Madame Zingara caters to all the senses and allows each one to be heightened throughout, leaving you with an unforgettable dining and entertainment experience that will ensure your return year after year.

-Sarah Mackenzie

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