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Vilebrequin South Africa

Vilebrequin is proud to support the turtle-friendly association Te Mana o Te Moana. By providing care and reintegrating them into their natural habitat, the association saves many marine species every year.

Created in 2004 by the veterinarian Cécile Gaspar, Te Mana o Te Moana works for the protection of the marine environment in French Polynesia. Since its creation, more than 400 turtles have been treated by the members. The association now wants to reinforce actions through the Sea Turtle Clinic, strengthen the follow up of sea turtle egg-lane site and continue to develop educational
programs: Te Mana O Te Moana also works to raise public awareness, especially among local populations, notably children. Also, the association wants to continue the development of “Hei moana”, eco-sentinel network initiated in 2017 to better understand marine resources and involve the population in participatory sciences.

Vilebrequin Worldmap Dots Green

Vilebrequin supports Te Mana O Te Moana by re-editing each year a new version of its Worldmap Dots swimsuit. For the last three years $10 per swimsuit has been donated to the association.

Shop luxury swimwear and help to do your part in supporting the initiative.

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