We all have our favourite pair of jeans. It might be a pair of dark denim skinnies or faded cut-off shorts. Whatever the colour, style or fit it’s hard to deny that a good pair of jeans is a staple in any fashionable person’s wardrobe.

Cue Lee Jeans. You’ll be happy to know that the brand will be launching some of its clothing at local store Bonafide on Long Street. Wed 7 September will see the store host a number of fashion elites from GQ, Glamour, Cleo and Seventeen while they feast their eyes on what Lee has on offer.

Bonafide will stock a limited part of the latest Lee collection including 9 items from the ladies range and 7 items on the men’s. What’s even more fantastic is that Lee recently welcomed a new denim designer to their team.

YCLAD is excited to scope out the line and will, of course, report back.


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